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Posted by PoopyMcButt - May 26th, 2012

got nothing coming up atm, been getting my life together.


Posted by PoopyMcButt - April 18th, 2012

I'm making a flash that will earn me a oscar award! I will immediately check mate the competition and they will crown me winner during the open rounds!!!!!!!!!

or they much like it enough to let me in the open round :)

seriously though I am working on a flash for it and I am losing sleep over it, so I'm gonna be restless till I get this damn thing to where I'm satisfied! Wish me luck, and good luck to the other bastards that are going to be standing in the way of me and my greed!!! >:(

Also a super sneak peek screen shot that will even make Walt Disney shit his trousers. ENJOY!

N A T A - Open Round!

Posted by PoopyMcButt - March 23rd, 2012

Its about anime and how much it totally rules! It also pitches the most original anime concept ever! It will go so viral that Japan will call me to congratulate me!

Also its voiced/written by the beautiful Seymour.

Makin' a New flash children!

Posted by PoopyMcButt - February 24th, 2012

I'm making another news post cause the old one was yet again irrelevant to this present date.

Posted by PoopyMcButt - February 23rd, 2012

I used the word fag on the forums directing it towards some fags in a video that were destroying setups in stores and gotted b&.

I'll see ya guys in 2 days :'c

Here is the video of the fags.

Posted by PoopyMcButt - February 15th, 2012

needed to change my news post it was insignificant.

Posted by PoopyMcButt - February 7th, 2012

The site is up but holding on my a limb. Everyone is flowing into the site at once, crashing the shit outta it.

Posted by PoopyMcButt - January 26th, 2012

Posted by PoopyMcButt - December 5th, 2011

Nogrunds rox my sox