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Well the audio was the entertaining part of this flash. Sadly you had no part in creating the audio, so I can no score you for it.

The animation was ROUGH, it was boring and poorly portrayed. My suggestion is if you are going to use audio from another source, try your best to interpret your own ideas into it. For this you are relying completely on the audio to carry out the entertainment value. Maybe try and animate some of the described actions that were being discussed.

As far as animation goes it just takes practice, keep at it. Let your creativity flow.

Good luck.

bnpla responds:

half a star? :(

Well I for sure do not doubt edd had influence on you. But I mean come on, a man that is dear to you died. You seem to have lazily thrown together a flash with ads and links to everywhere you are on the internet. Honestly, is this a tribute to Edd or a chance for you to pick up a few more followers, and some cash. That's why I believe it was thrown together quickly so it was seen during the majority of the hype oh his death.

Here is my opinion on the flash as a flash (excluding its message)

The art could have very well been a LOT better, in the past you have shown that your acceptable at drawing. So my question is, why did you not put your full potential into something like this? I feel if you are honoring someone dear to you. It would be a time to truly show your skills and flex your abilities. If that adds a week to how long it takes to produce. So be it. It wont be criticized for not being posted immediately after.

But fine, I can forgive you for that. What really bugs me is that the whole thing just looks like one big bill board for yourself, and your activity on the internet, with some flash ads.

Also this disorganized sounding "Advertisement revenue from this movie will be donated to Cancer Research." What organization are you sponsoring? If you have not picked out an organization by now, then sorry to say I honestly do no believe you are really intending to donate a penny. Because you might make like $15 tops off this flash. Then when you hit the cap of $50 you will get your check and say "well what $15 gonna do?" and save it.

Yusuf responds:

I am very insulted by that last paragraph. I am a man of my word! And so what if I put links on the preloader? many other people do it.

Also, Cancer Research is an actual charity: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/

The art wasn't the main point of the flash, the point was to get the message out.

And also the earning cap is $100 now, FAIL

So yeah, I just made your entire review obsolete LOL

Decent stuff, the cinimatics were fantastic! The art wa a bit bland and lacked detail. But the action of it was well carried out. Great job man.

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Ow my fucking Ears

My ears are bleeding after that.


Its good to see paypal has its own game, Ive been waiting for a title like this for years!

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